July 6th, 2004

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i know this is probably a really stupid question but i was wondering how i download brushes. i click on image back or w/e and then this winzip thing came up. i don't know what to do from there. im using PS6, by the way. also, will brushes for PS7 work for PS6? thanx! <333
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Okay so I know how to do the whole "rain effect" with PSP, but thing is I can't seem to find a good tutorial for the effect of making it look like it's acutally rainning with AS3 anyone think they can point me to one perhaps?

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I asked this before but got no response so I thought I may aswell try again.

I'm trying to make a mini movie (in PSP 8) and I read a tutorial saying that it would be easier if you used a grid, I tried the grid but really don't what to do with it. My mini movie still remains wonky when I attempt to so....
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hello // made by me!

if you can help.. PLEASE do [ mini movie icons ]

hello, i've been trying like heck to figure out how to make mini movie icons, and i'm getting no where. i browsed the memories and i downloaded "windows media player" . but the quality is so bad i wouldn't be able to make caps out of it. i'm using psp7 and animation shop. if someone could please let me in on some programs that will help me cap, or ANYTHING else i need to know. please! thank you so much.
I should tell you...

fixing bad quality pictures?

I'm trying to make a header for my lj using some screencaps from Alias Media and I want to use Collapse ) but it's kind of streaky and Sydney's skin is just bleck! and not the color, or colorS, skin should be! How can I fix the skin? I thought of using the softening tool, but it just made it chunky-looking.

Or if anyone knows another great place to get a similar screencap could help also!

I use PSP7. Thank you sooo much in advance!!! :)
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text bar

I have been wanting to do text in PSP8 but for some odd reason I have no choices. My text bar appears like Collapse ) with no choices, while a normal text bar has multiple choices like Collapse ). Do I have some setting wrong? Thanks for your time.
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