July 8th, 2004

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new icon

Here is an icon I just made:

I couldn't write a tutorial if I tried. I'm too much of a newbie - this is my second icon ever.

The question is this: What should I/could I have done?

And I wanted to outline the text in black, but couldn't figure out how. I use Photoshop Elements.
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I've read a lot of entries on how to make icons brighter, more contrasted, etc. But what if the picture you start with is too bright and you want to make it darker? Without making it obvious that you used layers and layers of other flood filling to make it less bright? How would you go about that? I use PS7, by the way.
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I'm sure this is a dumb question....

I am just wondering if some one can tell me (or point me to a related tutorial for Photoshop 7) on how to get icons to have this kind of color style. Looks kinda western or faded picture. I have tried but no such luck.

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Those are some examples of things I am trying to accomplish. I appreciate any help you can give me.
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Ok, so, I tried browsing the memories, but couldn't find quite what I wanted.

So, does anyone know the link to a good, free animation program for a Macintosh? I'm running an eMac currently, so the operating system shouldn't be a big problem. Thanks a ton!
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me again.. *movie icons*

alright, i'm getting there. i have windows media player / animation shop 3. NOW my problem is slowing the animation down long enough to take caps close enough together. is there any special way to do it? or are there any tips you can give me? again thank you guys SO much! you're wonderful!