July 10th, 2004

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i was wondering how you get the blinds to go diagonally. i know how to do them from side to side or vertically.... but i dont know how to do it like that.

i have done it in the past by rotating the image and then applying blinds... but i know there has got to be an easier way. can anyone enlighten me?

i looked through the archive and all i could find were ways to put blinds on in the normal horizontal/vertical ways.

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ICON TUTORIAL (utilizing sharpness, depth, and more)

Yay, another icon tutorial! :D I'm having so much fun with these...!

This tutorial is for this icon:

You'll need a pretty good knowledge of PSP8 to do this, but feel totally free to ask tons of questions if you don't! :) We all start out as beginners, and I'm not going to shun you just because you don't know where the such-and-such tool is. :)

( Strange and mysterious things... )

BTW, I'm still taking requests! :D
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hi plp .. i don know if this is in the memories.. i somehow couldnt find anything similar to this..
here goes the question

 icon byrockstr009


how can i make my text as the icon above??wat program should i used. if there is a tutorial for it.. please lead me there... thanks in advance

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I have been making brushes recently, and I want to post them on LJ, so other people can use them.
I'm working with Windows ME, and I recently acquired WinZip, which I have no clue how to use. Can anyone give me step by step directions on how to take brushes from PSP, into a folder, to zip up, then load? Also, I need to know how/where I can host them. Thanks!
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My problem probably has a really simple answer but I can't work out how to do "wiggly" text without it going blurry, and I can't figure out a way to outline it properly either (it wont let me do it the modify-expand way). Can someone tell me what I'm doing wrong, I've got a screen shot here of my PSP window and one of my pen tool options so maybe someone could see if there's an option or something I'm not using on it that I should be? It's a big screen cap btw, 1024 x 764 or whatever that resolution is lol.

Thanks a lot:)
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I use jasc animationshop 3


I am trying to make movie icons I can get as far as having these 2 things made:




but i can't figure out how to put the mini movie in the corner of the avatar...can somone help?


i downloaded virtualdub and im having a little trouble using it screencap. all i want to do is cap certain scenes, paste them into photoshop, and save, nothing fancy. i looked through the memories and didnt find any tutorials (or i missed them). any help is greatly appreciated!