July 11th, 2004

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Pixelated Icons?

I've noticed many people have LJ icons that look like this:

Where can I find these icons? I'm getting the impression there's a website out there where you can custom-make them because they all look relatively similar.
Any one have a link or can help me out?
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Two full icon tutorials and one list of 'quick tricks' for PS7

A few members of my icon journal encouraged me to write some icon tutorials, and I obeyed. These are for Photoshop 7 users, and are mainly aimed at beginners, and so therefore may not be of use to everyone. But hopefully someone will find them helpful!

Tutorial One is for this icon:

( Tutorial One )

Tutorial Two is for this icon:

( Tutorial Two )

I've also compiled a list of quick tricks for beginners, showing the methods I've used in many of my icons (and examples):

( Blurred background effects )

( Brushes as background effects )

( Adjusting brightness, contrast and saturation )

( Variations - adding a 'colour wash' to an icon )

( Rainbow effects (gradients) )

( Text effects )

All the icons are shareable if anyone is that way inclined. :)
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decisions decisions

alright... so i read bout all u guys using PSP8 and Animation shop and i dunno wat... for now i use JASC animation shop... however there are things that im not able create on it...

wat would u guys recommend/suggest as a good prog? is PSP8 better than animation shop? plz help :)
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Looking for a specific brush(s)

My computer crashed recently and I had to re-install Photoshop, and unfortunately all the brushes I've downloaded are gone, including a chinese characters brush set that I use a lot.

I downloaded my original one from Noctura.net but now it seems that the site is no longer in use.

And so. I looked through the memories but there hadn't been a mention of where I could get a Chinese character brushset. Does anyone knows where can I get one?

Also, I wonder if anyone knows of a brushset that is specifically used to frame pictures? Something like that, used at the four corners of the picture.

Thank you very, very much in advance.
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One Whole Year!

Everyone thank grass_stained for thinking up this community, please.


Today is the one-year anniverary of the founding of icon_tutorial. Today we are 2220 members strong, with over 1500 posts, approximately 660 of which are archived in the memories (and that'll be up to 700 or so by the end of the week).

Rock on. :-D

And go thank grass_stained, who started it all and ran it all by herself (no easy task!) for at least the first six months.
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Font question

I downloaded some fonts from dafont.com and was wondering if anyone could tell me how to get them/open them into Adobe Photoshop Elements 2.0 so I could (duh) use them. And if there isn't any way, can someone point me to a site that I can get usable fonts from? Thank you soooo much for any help!!
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DM: Dave

Gradient help

I swear I checked the memories and I feel stupid asking this but how do you do the following?

Apply a reflective gradient of F0BB78 to E6CB7A on your first blank layer

I have no idea how to 1) get a gradient to be more than one color on one layer (I don't mean pre-made gradients). 2) create a reflective gradient that isn't pre-made. Help?
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Blur and Harry Potter, yay

(no subject)

Hey there, I have a question about importing gradients into PSP8.

When in the gradient screen, you press "edit", and then the "import" option-I try to import a gradient, but a message pops up that says "There is a problem opening the currently selected gradient file."

Now, the gradient made for PS7, but in the help files it says "You can import gradients in the .GRD file format, which is a format used in other applications." This gives me the impression that, despite the fact that the gradient was made for PS7, can still work in PSP8. The gradient is a .grd, which is the only format that PSP8 even accepts.

Is there any reason why the message keeps popping up? Does PS7 put some sort of "key" in its files, which makes it unusable in PSP8, even though they are the same file formats? *pulls out hair*

Thanks in advance.

Quicktime Question

I've been following most tutorials in here first but I'm at a stumbling point about Quicktime. (I'm assuming I probably need to upgrade to the Pro version) But I can't save any movie trailers on Quicktime 6.5.1 and those that I can play on Windows Media I can't save either.

If anyone can shed some light on this, it's probably a dumb question to ask but I wanted to try out the movie making icon tutorials but it hasn't been easy to save the videos on my pc.


Searching for a tutorial

Can somebody direct me to a tutorial where I can make an icon similar to the one I'm using?

I tried looking in the memories, but I could only find mini movie ones.
Can somebody help?

EDIT: I'm using Photoshop 7.0 (for Mac if that matters) and the Image Ready that comes with it.
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