July 15th, 2004

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ugh i am having the hardest time with this. some times it works just fine and other times i dont know what goes wrong. ok so i have an image ... i crop it to what i want ... i select my template in another little window thing, then i go back to my image and try to resize it (mind you i am using psp8) and i put in 100 x 100 and it is not the same 100 x 100 as the template ... you get what i mean. it says its 100 x 100 but its not. i dont know i do everything the same and i dont get it please help?


Text Name

hi does anyone know what the text name is and where i can download it?

<img src="http://img34.photobucket.com/albums/v104/Dariablue/info.jpg">

if this doesnt show up here's the link of the text sample,


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i was looking for some good image transistions. if anyone could point me to a tutorial, or just, tell me, that would be phenominal. thank you!

besides this type:

oh and for psp7 and the animation thing that comes with it.