July 16th, 2004

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Need assistance..

This is probably not the place to ask this, but I thought I remembered it being addressed here previously. However, I've been through the past few months of posts (and learned quite a few techniques in the process :), but I couldn't find what I was looking for.

How does one make an icon like this one? I see them all over LJ now and was wondering: is it a website? Sorry for asking here, but no one on my flist knows and this is the only icon community I belong to.

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typing text tutorial

I want to make a typing text icon-you know, where the text appears letter by letter. Well, I really don't want to do it frame by frame because there's a lot of text that I want to do so if anyone knows of a way to do this, please let me know! I use PSP7/AS but if you use something else, I can most likely figure it out for PSP. Thanks so much!
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Using Brushes

Okay,I've looked through the memories and I can't find an answer. How exactly do you use brushes? In general, because I saw tutorials on using them in icons and that's not what I want. Just in general. Btw, I already know how to load them and stuff. I just want to know how to use them and stuff.

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hotlink ban

If you know just a little something about PHP and are tired of having your icons, friends only banners, fandom graphics, etc. stolen by bandwidth thieves & hotlinkers, A List Apart, a magazine that publishes articles for, by, and about web & graphic designers, has just released an article regarding the issue and a tutorial for banning hotlinking.

Anyway, the article is here: http://www.alistapart.com/articles/hotlinking/

Just thought I'd share!
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Strange Events in Photoshop 7

So. I'm a Mac person, and a friend of a friend is having major issues with her Windows XP/Photoshop 7 combo. Of course, I have no clue how to describe what to do, or whether or not my advice will do any good, because it seems to be a bit more of a system conflict than directly Photoshop related.

hannah: basically today I set a book down on top of my keyboard by accident. It caused a bunch of keys to press and some windows popped up.. I closed them all, (I'm pretty sure the windows were PS HELP windows) PS was open at the time
hannah: so I closed them all and restarted my computer
hannah: now when I try to open PS
hannah: it loads... loads all settings
hannah: and then just disappears off the screen
hannah: and it's nowhere
hannah: I tried system restore
hannah: didn't work
hannah: tried restarting a bunch of times
hannah: oh one more thing... when I click on PS
hannah: to open it
hannah: a gray box pops up but I can't read what it says cause it disappears too fast
hannah: i think it's empty
hannah: but it never used to be there

This apparently only happens in PS. My two suggestions were to restart in safe mode to see if she could restore the preferences, and see if reallocating more memory to Photoshop would allow her to open the program and restore her preferences.

Problem is? I'm still a Mac person, and A) don't know really how to do either and B) have no clue if that will even work.

Anyone here know what happened, how to fix it, or have any other suggestions? Or another community that this would be more suited to? Any and all help will be appreciated.