July 18th, 2004


How to make mini-movie icons

I'm new. I just finished making this tutorial on how to make mini-movie icons and someone suggested that I post it here. I'm sure there have probably already been tutorials on this topic, but I hope it's OK that I post it here. :-)
The tutorial will teach you how to make this icon (from The Butterfly Effect):

*NOTE* There are many images under this cut, so please give them time to load.
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the real Pansy

(no subject)

I looked through the memories, but couldn't find anything on using stock pictures. I've just recently learned what a stock picture is, but I can't figure out what exactly to do with them. Any tutorials or tips would be greatly appreciated. I'm using Photoshop 7 if that helps any.

Help ;-;

[Noob In]

Hi everyone, I'm new here. ^^; Well I also wanted to find out how exactly you cut a picture perfectly, and then be able to insert it into a background with no white areas? Here are examples:

<-- I need that one the most. >:|

I use both PSP6 and PSP7, help is gladly appreciated ^^`;;. Many thanks in advance!

[/Noob Out]
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brush credits question

Hi =)
Lately I've started using brushes on my icons, but I've gotten my brushes from several different people. And once I've loaded them into Photoshop, I can't tell who's brushes are who's. So I was wondering if there is a way of knowing which brushes are which so I can credit the maker of the brushes in my icon posts, rather than just crediting the brush maker in my user info.
Thanks =)

Need help with mini movies in Image Ready and Photoshop

I've been looking through the memories and most of the tutorials were for Animation Shop. I did read some of the general Image Ready ones, but I just got myself completely confused. Could someone please direct me to a tutorial to make a mini movie icon using Image Ready?
I made a bunch of caps and I have a base, but have no idea how to animate my caps and put them into the base.

I've never done animation before, so any help/advice/suggestions would be really appreciated. Thank you!
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Looking Down// Me

Animation question

After looking through the memories, I found nothing to answer my question, so:

Are there any programs for a Mac that can be downloaded for free that can get the animation effect like this:

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