July 21st, 2004

Hello Fellow Icon Makers!

I have a question about GIMP... if there is anyone else out there who uses it (Unfortunately I haven't found many others who do!)... Anyways! Does anyone know a way to get the same "exclusion layer" effect on GIMP?? I have not yet found a way... and I love the effect it makes! Any help on how to do it NOT by using layers in other programs, or how it does work with layers is welcomed with glee! Even if you know what the effect is actually doing to the pic in words would be helpful! Thanks a Bundle... and keep the tutorials coming! -Ruby
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Spider-Web Brushes

I am working on a layout for a website, and I was wondering if anyone knew of a website [thats free] where I can download some Spider Web brushes. Credits will be given for the brushes, of course :)
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I've looked through numerous memories and haven't been able to find anything:

Does anyone know of any screen capture programs for Mac OS X? All the tutorials seem to be for programs on Windows. Thanks.
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Multiple pic transparency -- help please

I have this template that I would love to use:

But I'm really not sure how to go about putting in individual pics into the white space and then getting transparency in the green space. If someone could help me with this, I would greatly appreciate it. I looked through the memories but I didn't find anything in there. Apologies if I wasn't looking hard enough. :-X I have PSP 8 and AS3. Thank you all in advance. <3

Full Icon Tutorial in PSP8 (Difficulty: Medium/Hard)

All right kiddies! Today we will be making an icon.

That icon to be exact! We're doing the whole thing! There are a lot of images in the tutorial, a lot of layers and a lot of steps! So follow closely.This is for PSP8!! but it can basically be translated for PS.

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Please, please, please do not follow this tutorial verbatim. It was written for you to learn from, not to copy exactly! So learn from it and enjoy it. If you have any problems let me know. As well, if you use the tutorial I'd love to see what kinds of different icons you came up with :)