July 22nd, 2004

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I'm having a very hard time with something.

Ok, so I want to add a pinwheel effect on animation shop. No problem, right?

My problem is the background. I have so much trouble just making the background different. (ex: changing the brightness/contrast.) I don't know how to change JUST the background. Hopefully you guys know what i'm talking about? thanks! <3

Also, for the "Color to Target" retouch tool, how do you pick the color you want? Because it just gives me a color that I don't have on the foreground or background color. Pleaase help!

Gradients and Brushes.

Ah, I'm having problems with downloading gradients >.<;; Um.. crumblingwall's livejounral has tons of gradients which I want to download, but even as I read the instructions about changing extension part.. I really don't get it >.<;; same for converting ps brushes into psp brushes..

How exactly do I make psp8 gradients into psp6 gradients? And how do I make psp8 brushes into psp6 brushes? Can someone instruct me with this, step by step?

Thank you in advance.

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Simple tutorial including lighting and colouring for PS

An icon tutorial by lornyloo for PS
I've had a few requests for Icon Tutorials so thought I'd have a go at making one, this is a pretty simple one on
how to turn this:

into this:

Please give some fedback on how clear/easy/helpful you think the tutorial is so I know what to change for next time. Also what kinda of tutorials would people most be intrested in? (Give examples of specific icons if possible)

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Free transforming text in PS7

I'm using Photoshop 7 and am trying to free transform text, specifically putting it on a slant. I'm using Decker at 9pts with an anti-alias of smooth. It looks fine when it's horizontal but the minute I put it on an angle, the text looks all fuzzy and gross. I read somewhere that you're supposed to rasterize the text layer first but that just made it really faint as well as fuzzy.

Does anyone have any suggestions?
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Gif images

I have a question: My computer won't save moving images as a gif file. I don't even get gif as an option. Someone once told me how to fix this, a while ago, and I did, but now I've switched computers and the problem was back. I think it might've been you, here_be_dragons. Can anyone help me out? I need my moving icons! :)


Two questions.

[1] How do you make the effect like this:

(Make the words change)

[2]How do you get the icon to look like this:

(with the lines and the words so small but still readable)

I have PSP 8, Animation Shop 3 and Photoshop

If there are simular posts to this, just link me.

Thanks in advance.
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still screencaps in PowerDVD 4.0

First I would like to say I am a beginning icon-maker, and this community and its memories have helped me more than I could say. So I would like to say a huge, love-filled thank you to everyone here--and post a tip of my own.

After having a hellish time trying to make screencaptures in every program out there (Windows Media Player, RealPlayer, BSPlayer, you name it), I finally found the answer.
For PowerDVD 4.0, what you need to do screencaps is this:
Open your computer's Control Panel, then open Display. Click on the Settings tab, and then the button that says Advanced, then go to Troubleshoot. There's a slider there that says Hardware acceleration; turn this all the way to none.
And that, my friends, is how to capture screens. But after you're done using the program, you need to turn the acceleration back up, to make all other programs work at their best.
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Need major help!

Ok, so I was working on this new icon and I wanted to see what other brushes I had in the program. Well, I changed the menu, but now I can't find my way back! I don't know where all the brushes I defined went to. I can't even find the original brushes in that menu. Am I going crazy or am I missing something? I use PS7. Thanks!
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Why is the user picture thing telling me No content-length header: can't parse? I've never heard of that before, and it's popping up for a .gif, which might have something to do with it... anybody know what I can do?
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Icon_Tutorial Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) -- Please Read!

This community has been in dire need of a FAQ for months, and I finally got around to making and posting one. More questions may be added over time, as necessary.

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Comments and feedback are welcome. If you have suggestions for questions that should be added to this reference, please comment, bearing in mind that the FAQ is only for those questions that appear frequently. Feel free to link to this post pretty much anywhere you feel like. And if you're trying to use the memories as suggested, and find some that are broken, deleted, or exceptionally useless, PLEASE keep a running list of the links to the posts and then let me know, either in a comment somewhere or an IM (contact info is on my profile). The archive of 700 memories (and growing) is too big for me to scan it with any regularity, but everything in there was read when I archived it and archived for a reason so I have some confidence in it. I'm happy to weed out the archive occasionally but I need everyone else to be my eyes and ears. Thank you. :)