July 23rd, 2004


Help on this effect.

Can someone tell me how to get a border like this on my icons, or maybe direct me to a tutorial I missed? I dont know what its called, so I cant look in the memories (I have been looking things up in the memories for a week and have yet to run across it along the way). Also, Im using PSP7

This icon belongs to grissom (made by _facade)

Also if someone could help me with these, tell me what effects theyre called, or direct me to a tutorial, Id appreciate it...
This style with the lines (kawai_rosh)
How does it slant? (exhero).

Thank you!
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Pixel Fonts on PSP7

Hi (: I've been having a problem with Pixel Fonts. They turn out looking blocky and different from how they are suppose to turn out (at least, according to the sample .jpegs that come with the .zip). I use Paint Shop Pro 7, but people who use the same say they have no problem with it. I don't have it on anti alias or anything particularly harmful to making it look the way it does. Does anybody know what's wrong?
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(no subject)

Hey all. I had a problem with my computer and it crashed just the other day. I lost ALL of my brushes/fonts/gradients. EVERYTHING.

Do you kids have any recommendable sites with exemplary brushes? I know that there are communities out there, but I would rather your personal opinions.

i need help on this

Okay so Im new to this, but ive been trying to make my own icons and yes some look kinda cute, but i dont really know how to use animation shop...i do the whole animation but then how do i make it into a workable icon? Can anyone explain animation shop and possibly psp8 to me? my aim name is taintedhalo123 thanks!!!
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carly simon inspired by snarkel

(no subject)

Hey all--
I've been using this community for a while now in a lurking form, but I just can't seem to find the answer to this dilemma in the memories.

How does one do outlining, as in these lovely icons by buddha_/littleasianpixi? It looks too clean to be done by hand with a mouse.

Any tips would be appreciated. Thanks much.
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Georgia, anyone?

I'm looking for the font Georgia. I know it comes standard on most computers, but my computer is a couple years old, and it didn't come standard on it. I searched on Dafont.com, but no luck.

So does anyone know where I can download the font Georgia? Thanks!
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(no subject)

Hey, I just got PSP 8, and I'm really confused, by pretty much everything :S I've been looking around for a full tutorial for a couple days now, but the ones I've found are explained through text, and though I should probably understand it I don't. Does anyone know of a PSP 8 tutorial that uses pics like this one-

I know I seem really stupid but I'm just really confused. :S
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