July 25th, 2004

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Photoshop just now completely deleted all of my downloaded brushes. Half of which I don't have the original .zip file for. I just organized them using the Preset Manager today.

This is totally out of the blue. None of my other presets are wiped - all of my download gradients exist. Does anyone know what just happened? I checked the memories, but didn't find anything about this. Thanks.
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I had a look through the memories but couldn't find what I'm looking for.

How do you download Quicktime trailers and the screen cap them? I have a softwear that is meant to stream files but it won't do so with Quicktime even though it's meant to.
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2 questions:

1) I still can't save gif files (icons, more specifically) on my computer, despite the fact that I have deleted my cookies and files. Why? Why? Why? Why? Why?!?

2) When I try to dowload a brush set for photoshop, by clicking on the link that someone has provided, the Zip window never has any files in it. Only when I "save target as", and then open it seperately does the file contain anything. Why?
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Does anyone know what the arrows people use in icons are? Are they brushes? Are they something that comes with a/the program? Do you make them yourself? If anyone knows and would like to share, and where I might get it for myself, it would be greatly appreciated.

Example by bigdamnicons:
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