July 26th, 2004


help :(

I'm new to icon-making... I was wondering if anyone could help me find some software (preferrably free :-/ ) that I could easily use to make nifty icons. Didn't know where to look for this in the memories. Any help or icon-making tips would be MUCH appreciated! Thanks! ♥ Ashley
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PS Elements - making file size smaller?

Hi all - i made one of my first blending icons today, but the file size is 60K, and i know the largest I can have on LJ for an icon is 40K. I'm using Photoshop Elements on an Apple iBook G4 (I know its different on PC), and heres the icon, if you know how to help me make it <40K.
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Full Icon Tutorial: Photoshop

This tutorial will show you how to make this icon:

This is for intermediate photoshop users, it assume you know how to crop, resize, change blend modes and what the tool names are. It was created using Photoshop CS, but can easily be done in Photoshop 6 and 7. With some tweaking it can be applied to PSP as well I believe.

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If you use this tutorial PLEASE do not just recreate the above icon. Use a different base and different text. I'd recommend playing around with different brushes too, just so we don't get twenty identical icons.
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Full Icon Tutorial

This is my first tutorial here, so any constructive criticism would be welcome.

This is for Photoshop CS, but I imagine that lower versions would be able to use it as well. I have never used PSP so I don't how well this would translate.

The icon being made:

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Tinted Image for PSP7

This is my first tutorial, so go easy on me!; Feedback is always welcome, especially critisicm (sp?). I love to know what I'm doing wrong! Also, if you use this tutorial, show me the results!&nbsp; I'd love to see if my tutorial works! I use PSP7, but I'm pretty sure that this would be easily translated into PSP8 or PS7, although I'm not positive since I have neither. It will show how to make this icon:

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