July 28th, 2004

Gimp tutorial

Well,Well, I've finally made a full tutorial for Gimp, and beginners might have a bit of trouble with it, but it's pretty easy for someone who's been using Gimp for awhile. Please tell me if you're not understanding parts of the tutorial, I'd like to know what to change! Thanks! -Ruby

What we're making today

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Transparency in PSP

Hi everyone. I hope you'll all OK :)

I'm having a problem with transparency. I have made gif files with transparency before, (somehow! lol) but for this icon, the quality of a gif image is now way good enough. So, I tried to make a transparent png (I use PSP 8). I've played around a bit with the settings of png optimization, but I get a light grey background rather than complete transparency.

Any help with how to correct this would be much appreciated. Thanks :)
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Problem with brushes - PSP8

I've 2 problems with brushes in PSP8.

Firstly, when I try to create them via "export custom brush" under file, the "create brush tip" box pops up but I'm unable to edit my file path. However, I'm able to change my file path if I click on my brushes and click on the "brush tip file locations" icon.

Secondly, when I try to use some of my brushes, they won't stamp with one click. They show up only when I drag across the image, making multiple stamps. I've tried resetting to default via the presets icon, but it didn't work.