July 29th, 2004

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SOO... I have a question about screencapping. I'm using PowerDVD, and the capture button is working just dandy. But I was wondering if there was a way to just move forward (or backward) one or two frames at a time, while the DVD is paused. Can anybody help me?
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Your icons are being STOLEN and not just the ones you put out for everyone. I found my PERSONAL icon with my NAME on it being hosted on a photobucket site with HUNDREDS of others, none of which seemed to be the same style. I'm glad this came to my attention and I would assume a lot of you would want to know too, so you can at least request they remove it. Go here and see if they've stolen yours, too.


Sorrry if this community doesn't allow these sorts of posts, I just joined a buttload of icon communities so I could tell as many people as possible about this, since I sure as heck would want to know.
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ANother help question:

How can you get two pictures?? It seems I can only open one image unless its in PSD form...(i think thats whats it called) any pointerS?? cause I saw sum spiffy borders and I dont know how to use them when im openign a pic...

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Hey! I'm new... and need help.

Hey everyone! I'm new here but I've made icons before. Yeah. So just today I wanted to try to make a mini-movie icon. I have Photoshop 7 and Image Ready 7.0. I opened the .mpg and I selected the frames I wanted (holding down shift) but whenI click OK, there is only 1 frame and it's the beginning frame of the whole movie! Help please! =D

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i just have a quick question. i'm new at making icons and i notice that alot of the icons i make are too large for livejournal. (like the file size not the pixels.) and i was wondering is there a way to change the size of the file without changing the number of pixels or the quality of the picture??

i'm sorry if this has already been asked, i'm just in a hurry and i don't have time to go throw the faq. you can delete this if it's been over asked.
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Animation Shop 3 Question

Hello =), i've been lurking here for a while and I have found this community very helpful, I love making icons but I was wondering how to do the effect on this icon:

As I stated on the subject line, I have Animation Shop 3, any help will be greatly appreciated =), thanks in advance.
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