August 2nd, 2004

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Whenever I save my icons out of PSP 7, I always have trouble with them looking blurry, pixelated, or the colors looking a different shade (like darker or lighter). Is there a secret to making them, well, NOT do that? Like adding an extra layout that just finishes everything off? >_<; Here's an example of my most recent icon.

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Hi everyone! ^_^;

Your very first recourse for understanding any one specific effect you see should be to ask the person who made the icon. In three years of heavy LiveJournal use I've yet to encounter someone who's unwilling to describe a particular technique or effect s/he used. -- From the FAQ.

Well, I think I just happened to be the first one, then, because the person didn't reply to me after I asked her for the favor. So, I'll ask here for a helping hand on this matter. How do you make effects such as these. Is it like layers? With PS or PSP? So many questions really, so I'll just ask in general, how can I do that? Color, fading-like look, etc.

Thanks in advance.

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I have a few questions that I couldn't find the answers to in the tutorial, but if they're there then I apologize in advance...

First off, I'm using Photoshop 7 and Image Ready.

Now, I wanted to know how to make effects like the stars in this icon (I'd credit but I don't remember who made it :-\ ) I don't have PSP, I just wanted to know if I can make effects like that in PS or IR.

My next question is about the glittery effect. I read the tutorial on it and it says to use "noise" but I can't find noise ANYWHERE. I've even seen tutorials that tell you where noise is and I still can't find it. Either I'm blind or just plain stupid, or my photoshop doesn't have it... though I don't know why?

thank you so much to anyone who can help me!! <3

Which is better?

I know different people use different programs but for those who've used both, which is better? WinDVD or PowerDVD? Also, if you prefer one to the other please tell me either why or what version you use. Thanks in advance ^.^

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I have a technique I'm trying to learn for icons themselves and I really can't find an icon that shows it. So, I'm just going to use a website layout as an example, hope that's okay.

Okay, go here:

The only thing I'd like to know is how she makes it fade off. Where the picture of Ron ends and the color of the background begins... it sort of fades off into the color. Is there an actual technique to doing that? I've seen it done on a few icons, I just can't find it.

And I'm also wondering how to create shadow underneath your text. Not outline it, I already know how to do that... just shadow. And also, how do you add shadow effects inside the text? Her layout shows what I'm asking if you don't really understand what I mean. Just look at her text where it says "weasley is our king"... there's shadow underneath AND the white part inside the text that gives the text more contrast and makes it pop off the layout.

Thanks to anyone who helps. And sorry again that I had to use a layout instead of an icon.

Oh, and I'm using PSP 7.


hey people i have seen a few icons where the first letter is like in a block and old fashion the same as the s in this icon from riotglassdoll

i was wondering the name of the font/brush/whatever and where i could get it from! if anyone could give me a hand id really appreciate it!
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Alright, small question.

I just made this mini-movie icon.

How can I change it so that it doesn't appear so distorted? I know there's different types of GIFs.

I'm using Adobe Imageready if you need to know.

new and confused

Hey, I just made two video icons(nothing special)and Im looking for some advice:

How do I make it so that its still obvious that I made the icon so it's not as easy for people to steal, without it taking up all the icon space? And does anyone have advice for what size font is good to use in icons?I've been testing some but all seem to come out horribly big(second icon)Any little advice anyone has would be a huge help, thank you.

Flood filling issues in AS3

OK, this problem is kind of difficult to explain, but I'll try to make it as clear as possible. I use AS3 and something really annoying happens every time I try to zoom in and flood fill individual letters. Say I have 10 frames and I'm trying to fill a letter on the 4th one. If I accidentally fill something I don't want to and then click "undo," the window randomly scrolls to either the first or the last frame and then I have to find the frame I was working on again. I know this doesn't really impact the actual icon, but considering I have to click "undo" a LOT, it gets pretty frustrating after a while. Help is much appreciated. Thank you!


hi everyone. my name's tara and i'm new. i've been making icons for about a year now but i see that there are alot of effects that i dont know how to do. one of those effects are the mini-movies in the corners of icons. i looked through the memories but i didnt understand the tutorials i found. the only programs i have are psp7 and as3. i hope someone can help. =]
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psp brushes to ps

i hope i didn't miss this in the memories...but is there a way to take psp brushes and make them into images and import them into photoshop?? haha. this is a dumb question im sure....also what would be the best to save it (ie gif, jpeg, png, etc)


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I've looked through the memories, and I don't think there is anything in there on my question (if there was I didn't understand it)...I downloaded a brush pack for PSP8 the maker said that I would be able to use the brushes in PSP7, but I'm having trouble. I've been able to use other brushes, why won't these work?? I don't know how to change their format... would that be the problem??