August 3rd, 2004


i made an icon and i really want to use it but it's 91.3k and as most of you know, livejournal doesn't allow icons to be used that are over 40k. what can i do to my icon to make the file size smaller without totally screwing up the appearence? by the way, this is the icon:

thank you. =]

help *please* ...

ugh,ive been trying to get the hang of movie icons, and can't get it for the life of me, i really need a program that wll go FRAME by FRAME. are there ANY out there? I downloaded windows media player.. ares.. and i still can't get the movie to look "smooth" it looks so choppy! if anyone can help. PLEASE do. i'm so frusterated!

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do anyone know how to convert some files to GIF or JPEG without using a program at all..its just when i have unzipped some brushes or a wallpaper from a website and when i try to open them, it says the format is unsupported and i cant open it and the type of file is JBR..anyone know why? please do tell me! thanks
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Im trying to use two pics and blend them together...i went to memories but couldnt figure out how to "import" the second pic unless its a PND file (i think??) sooo can you help me out? thanks! IM USING ps 7

Im such a geeky kitty >^.^

Help with Text Transfers/Colourization in PS7

I'm attempting to make an icon out of these photos:

The second one I would like to use as my background. With the first, I want to be able to place the text on the second image, but retain the original transparancy/colour. Are there ways to copy/paste text layers to do this, or ways to alter the first photo's background, again keeping the colour of the text?

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ok can anyone help me out? how do you get coloring like this icon

i have tried different gradients, color layers ect.., and it never looks quite right, basically i want to take a color base and give the whole thing a creamy look. any help??
the icon was made by teh_indy but i have seen this technique in alot of icons

im frustrated...

OK, i looked through all the FAQ and didnt find the answer(s) to my particular im sorry if its been asked and answered before :X. my problem is....

i just downloaded a brush set. its in pspbrush mode. i have photoshop 7.0. and i cant for the life of me convert it to a file that can be used on photoshop. i tried converting the files to .abr manually so i dont know if it worked correctly...needless to say, whenever i tried to load them i got an error message like "that file isnt compatible with this version of photoshop" which makes no sense to me since everything is usually for PS 7 and up, ya know?

anywaz, i hope you guys can help me, i need my icon making fix :P

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okay. i'm really hating imageready right now.

i'm trying to do a minimovie. and i've got everything setup. the animation bar looks like this:

(or at least the beginning)

HOWEVER when i play it....the transparent part won't go trasnparent.the checkered boxes stay and that's not how i want it. so i have to copy and paste the stupid background in every single frame and that makes the animation even bigger in size.

could anyone pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee tell me how to fix that! broomsticks and i are about to tear our hair out.
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WinDVD sound help

Okay, I'm not sure if this is quite On Topic enough to be posted here, but I'm taking the risk since this is peripherally related to icons...

I have Intervideo Windvd 5 Platinum, running on windows 2000. I'm capping my west wing DVDs, but I want to hear the dialogue for icon-quotage. One problem: for whatever reason, the *sound* on my DVDs isn't playing. I KNOW I've played sound & video from dvds on this program before, and I have *zero* clue what's happened to the dang thing. I've uninstalled/reinstalled, that doesn't seem to have helped.

Meep. Help?

If this is OT, please just delete it, and I'll find another place to beg for assistance...