August 4th, 2004

Gackt - Child Of The Moon

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Quick question: How do I get this effect using Adobe 7.0? xxpikapika (the maker of the icon) mentions how to do it using PSP, but... I don't have that, and I couldn't figure out how to make it apply to Adobe. ^^;; Any help is greatly appreciated! [And the effect that I'm talking about is the lines in the background, while also making sure that they don't go over the subject of the icon.]

The icon:
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I was all set and ready to make my very first icon, and PS7 bummed out on me. I tried to add text, and it said "Could not complete your request because a default system font could not be obtained". I just got PS7 yesterday, so I have no idea what its talking about. Can anyone help me?
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Ok, so my trial ran out on PSP7. I downloaded GIMP, seeing as I've heard alot of good things about it. Problem is...I cannot for the life of me figure out how to do anything! Even the 1 tutorial that exists is a bit too complecated (yes, yes, yes, I know pathetic). But if anyone would be so kind as to make an extremely simple tutorial...or, idk offer any kind of help at all, it would be extremely appreciated! ♥ ♥ ♥ ~ Ashley
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PinWheel Effect

I'm rather confused on how to do the pinwheel effect
under Animation Shop
the One that had the Colin Farrel Avatar..
Post..asking how to do it..
because I need Step By Step Guide on how to do this
I'm real confused on how to do..
it theres this one step Im stuck
If I could get some help that's be awesome..
-Much Appreciated


Mini-movie/general animation frames question.

A mini-movie icon that someone on Live Journal made had 56 frames, yet was only 34.05 kb. When I make my mini movie icons, I only have 6 frames and the size is like, 40.05 kb. Is there some sort of optimization settings that can compress icons with a large amount of frames into a small size?

I have Photoshop 7, Paint Shop Pro 7, Image Ready 7, and Animation Shop 3.
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Girl with Flowing Skirt

Rotating Colours Icon With Blinking Text

Hi! It's my first time giving tutorial so I hope I don't screw up badly. I've been prowling in this community for a long time now, picking up tips here and there. This community have been so useful to me that I decide to give something back to the community. I use PSP7 and AS3. It would probably work with PSP8 or PS. I want to show how to make this animated icon;

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mini-movie question

so someone was kind enough to point me in the direction of a mini-movie tutorial but now i present you all with this question: what programs will i need? i currently have paint shop pro 7 and animation shop 3. i also have Realplayer, MUSICMATCHjukebox, and Intervideo WinDVD 4 (although I've never used it before).


Could anyone help me with this? How do you make text like this in Jasc Animation Shop3?
The word "BETTER"...I've tried it with the whole image in a Motion Blur, but it doesn't have the same effect for text. ;(

by whorelikedior

It would be really helpful if someone could tell me this :)

Blurry Picture

I have a picture that I had to cut to take a lot of the extra out of it. When I did, and resized (made it bigger) it the picture got blurry. I was wondering what I can do to clean up the picture so it will look almost as good as new if not as good as it was to begin with. Any help would be appericated. Thank you.

I have Paint Shop Pro 8, and Animation Shop 3.
made by june25th for ME. She is awesome

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hey I was wondering if someone could tell me how I can get this:

color effect. And if anyone knows who made this, could you please comment because I want the finished icon and I can't find the maker =(