August 6th, 2004

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Mod Reminder

Hi gang!

A quick reminder that while the art of making graphics for a layout is close enough to on-topic to stand, the art of making layouts is not, and such posts get deleted. There have been a lot of these lately so I thought I'd post a rule refresher. This post will go in the memories, though, so if you want to respond in the comments with good communities for people to go to for layout help, maybe they won't be totally lost.

I'll add an explicit reminder to the userinfo later on today, when I have a minute.


Basics of Mini Movie Icons

Hey, I'm in a little mess right now. I have PowerDVD, Photohop 7.0 and ImageReady and have had no luck in finding a clear-cut tutorial on how to make a basic mini-movie icon. I went to the Memories at icon_tutorial, but found none that were detailed enough to help me out.

The memories are wonderful and very well organized, but I did not find a very detailed tutorial on how to make mini movie icons. I tried screen capping a DVD of "Friends", but this is all I got:

It's very shaky and the resolution isn't that great, not to mention it is way too big to put in an icon. I am in need of so much help. :( So, if someone could make a detailed tutorial on how to make a very basic mini movie icon (including how you screen-capped and opened the screen caps) I would be *so* grateful!

I am willing to use e-mail and instant messaging. Once again thank you so much!
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GIMP Brushes

My very first tutorial! I got jealous of all the great brushes people were making for photoshop, so I decided to learn how to make them for GIMP. After some messing around, this is what I came up with:

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(no subject)

Hi, I have a quick question. :) I just started making icons with brushes and whatnot about two days ago, but I've become a little obsessed, heh heh. The only problem is, I can only download certain kinds of brushes, JBR files and not ABR files. I open them, extract the files, copy and then paste it into the brushes section of PSP7, but they don't appear where my brushes are. Does anyone know how I can change it so that I can use both types? And if there isn't a way because of my version of PSP or something complicated, does anyone know where I can get some good JBR brushes? Thank you a lot if you can help!

Where is the Exclusion option?

Hello...newbie here. I've been playing with PS7 and have been following several of the tutorials. Here is my question...were is the Exclusion option? I'm sure it's right under my nose...but I haven't been able to find it yet and it's very frustrating. Thanks for the help.
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Icon Speed Problem


My icon keeps moving slow after I save it. I have a lot of people telling me that it might be my slow connection (which I cannot help having). But in my previous icons seem to move fine, until now. I tried to follow this previous entry by cutting out some frames and lowering the quality- but it usually ends up the same sluggish speed. ._. Can anyone help me?

(no subject)

Hey I was just wondering how you create shapes like arrows in PSP7? The preset ones are terrible. I don't have any examples with me, though...

Thanks for any help!
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