August 8th, 2004


Making File Size Less on Mini-Movie

Well, I just got started making 'animated' icons. And I'm having trouble.

I made this icon ->

Now, it's only 10 frames. When I try to save it, it comes out as 71 KB, way over the LJ size allowance. Is there any way to make the size smaller?

(I didn't see this posted in the comm memories, sorry if someone already answered this, and a BIG sorry if you don't get a reply from me tomorrow-on, since I'm leaving and won't be able to check my email. I'm not mean, really. Hehe.)
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(no subject)

Hallo all. I was wondering about this, since I am just starting to use this feature.

Does anyone have any tips or tutorials or guides on how to successfully use the Multiply tool in Photoshop without making your icon too dark? Like, good colors to use or other modes to blend with?

Your help is appreciated! Thank you!
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where do you get winDVD? is that the same as the movie maker? are there any programs that can be used to get some parts of the DVD to use as minimovies? hehe, i asked to many questions...but please help, i really wanna make minimovies. okay, thank you...:)
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I'm lost!

ok, you know those icons that have a picture, and at the side there's a small little box that has like an animated scene, like say the picture is of a xtina musix video, and the little box shows a small scene from it, can someone please teach me how to do that?? and also, I tried to take screen shots with my psp8, and i was trying to take shots from a music video that I saw on a site, but I just got a black box, so I tried to do it with realplayer, and the same thing happened, how do I fix that?? thanks in advance for all those who will help.
p.s. I need the tutorials using psp8 and animation shop3 thanks.
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(no subject)

Ok I have kind of a half PowerDVD half Photobucket question that I din't see in the memories. The first half of my question is this: When I take screen caps with PowerDVD they turn out to be around 950 kbs each. Is there any way I can take the same size caps but reduce the kbs?

My other question is for Photobucket. When I upload pictures that are almost to the size limit but not over it, Photobucket still resizes my pictures to about 171 kbs, is there any way to prevent it from doing that? Because I've been taking some nice caps but when Photobucket reduces the size, they're really small and crappy looking. Thanks in advance for anyone that can help!
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(no subject)

I am so confused and I don't know if anyone can help me out on this one.

When I save icons (right click; save picture as) I can't save the image as anything but BMP. No matter what type of image it is, I can only save it as BMP. Does anybody know how to change this? Is it some sort of setting on my computer? It's not that big of a deal because I can just change the image into a JPG or GIF (using ps) but if it's an animation I can't change the image into a GIF and keep it animated.

I'm thinking that it might have to do with using Internet Explorer.
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(no subject)

Hey guys!

Just wondering if any of you have any tips/tutorials on how to make blends/headers in PSP7? I can't seem to find any.

Help much appreciated!
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Photoshop and brushes

I'm a huge brush addict and have downloaded a ton of different brushes. What I find now, however, is that when I add a new set, the next time I open PS, it takes a full five minutes to load. So I end up going through the hundreds of brushes and picking out ones I don't particularly like one by one in order to delete them and get the number back down to one that allows PS to load in a minute or less. And now I'm not even adding brushes anymore for fear of making it hang again.

So I was wondering, is there really an upper limit on PS brushes beyond which the long-loading happens? Or is it just me who has this problem? And if it's an actual phenomenon and not my computer's fault, is there any way to fix that?

Thanks so much!
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Fonts not loading

Okay, I download a font, put it in my font file and then when I open PS7 it doesn't ever load my new fonts on there.

I searched the memories found nothing. Could someone explain and help me figure out why my PS7 is not loading all of my fonts????
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