August 10th, 2004


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this is totally off topic, but everyone can use a free paid account, so if you or a community you are in wants paid account time, check out my contest here if mods wanna delte this they can but i thought someone might wanna get some paid account time for this community or their own.
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okay, if you've already downloaded brushes in .abr format, is there any way at all to convert them to .jbr?

i had photoshop and now i have PSP7 so im kinda lost without my brushes.


I always have difficulty..
with font.

My Problem is that.

It's either too big..

or something of the sort.

I always see this font with a color framed around the font and it's normally small(tiny?)

I have no idea which program I should use to put on icon/wallpaper/etc.

I have paint program(comes with window computers),Jasc Paint Shop Pro(With the Jasc Animation shop) That's about it..
I had to save this icon I have now as a png so it would not distort the LJ Icon.
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Animation help...

(posted at Icon Help as well)
Is there anyone out there who could take a stab at getting this Icon saved at under 40k without losing any quality?
If you can...I will repay you with riches beyond belief...or something!

Thanks guys
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Hello, new here. And I have a pretty simple question. I use Adobe Photoshop Elements 2.0 and when I try to make an image transparent (like you can see the image but the white parts are transparent) it doesn't work. I click on the transparent button when I save the file but in the end it doesn't go transparent when I use it on LJ or any other site.

For example in this icon I made:

The white parts in that icon (next to the minimovie) aren't transparent. If you go use it as a LJ icon and comment on someone's post then you can't see the blue parts behind it.

I hope I'm making sense... I asked some people about this already and they don't see what I'm doing wrong.
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I have PSP7 but my fonts all of a sudden got all messed up. They're all pixely and gross. It happened when I accidently typed without being in the text box, but I can't reverse it. If anyone knows how to fix that, it would be awesome.
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Okay, I've decided PSP 7 is a pain in the ass if you're used to PSP8 or PScs.

My layer palette is so screwed up that its not even funny. i only see half of it. there's supposed to be a right side and a left side. i can only see the right. and the left is how i change the layer im working on, and how i move them. i can do it using the layer drop down on the main bar, but it takes three times as long. Does anyone know how to help? (or even understand???)

also, I put brushes in PSP7, changed them from .abr to .jbr.....and they dont show up in the program. does this mean im stuck with image packs? and if so is there any faster way to do them than one by one????

i am seriously going insane.
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.zip help

I hope this post isn't too off, I have quite a bit of screencaps that I would like to share with a community, but it's too many to upload to Photobucket. I was wondering if it would be at all possible if someone could explain to me how to turn these caps into .zip files and provide a downloadable version for other lj users. Thank you in advance and sorry if this is completely off-topic.
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