August 11th, 2004

Ayumi Hamasaki

Mix-Match Corner Tutorial

Since a few people have requested it, i made an icon tutorial for one style of my icons. i'll be making a couple more for different icons later this week. i didn't really know what to call this style so i just named it the "mix-match corner" because well... theres a tiny picture in the corner and the colors are mix match haha. this tutorial is for Paint Shop Pro 8.  but it could easily be transfered to photoshop i'm sure, if you know your way around that is. also i would like to note that some of the steps are taken from tutorials by other people like teh_indy and inexorablyhere i take what i learned from them and put a twist on it and i encourage you all to do the same with this tutorial.

feel free to use the icon i made from the tutorial if you want its in .png format. please credit me in your info or when you post if you use this tutorial thanks!

(on to the tutorial at my icon journal) 

/ resizing movie icons.. [ PSP7 + animation 3 ]

alright, i've looked at the memories, and tried to figure it out from there. i resized it.. took out a few frames.. and still its too large for me to upload onto a journal. are there any other tricks? please let me know!

the icon(s) in question:
<img.src=""> <img.src="">