August 13th, 2004

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Matte tutorial?

I remember someone posting on here a matte-effect tutorial using a Harry Potter icon. I thought I'd memoried it so I caould have a play with the effect, but I didn't and now I can't find the tutorial.

Does anyone else remember it/can point me in the right direction in the memories?


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Hi I had a look in the memories but I couldn't find anything about this...

Does anybody know how to get a 'rain' effect on an icon like this one?

Icon made by: vblackangelv

I've tried figuring it out for myself but I can't seem to work it out. Any ideas? I use PSP8 and Animation Shop3.

Kill Bill Vol. 1

Four Square Tutorial

Back with one more tutorial for this week. I won't have time to make anymore this weekend so the rest will have to wait till next week. this tutorial i like to call four square, and is for Paint Shop Pro 8 but could be transfered to Photoshop if you know your way around. All caps were made by the lovely teh_indy . Please credit me in your info or when you post if you use my tutorial. 

(...on to the tutorial at my journal...)

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PS 7 Move tool moving wrong layer

I looked through the memories and for the life of me could not see where anyone else had encountered this problem.

I use Photoshop 7 and about a month ago I noticed that when I use the move tool to move something in a layer (usually text) if I actually click on the layer and use the mouse to navigate with, it will jump to a completely different layer. If I use the arrow keys it moves fine, but sometimes I just want to click and drag and it won't let me.

For instance, if I want to move a gradient layer or a text layer, and I select it in the layer pallet then click in my document to move it, it will jumpe to a completely different layer. I've never noticed this happening until recently and was wondering if anyone else has had this happen to them when trying to make icons? And if so how did you fix it? It's really starting to drive me crazy.

[edit] Problem solved. Much thanks to icons_with_love and _jems_ for helping me figure it out :)
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I really am sorry if this is in the memories, but I've looked and haven't found this particular question. So here's my question.

I'm using Photoshop CS, I think, and so far the only way I've found that I can use a brush is dowloading the image pack, and opening the brush seperately, then copying over the icon. I have downloaded the zip thingie (aka the other version that isn't an image pack), but I haven't been able to figure out how to load it. I hope that I've explained this clearly enough, and again, I'm sorry for wasting space if this is in the FAQs.
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Linking images to websites

Okay, i went through the memories but didnt seem to find anything to help me, i already made my first button for my LJ (this lj) which i started not too long ago to post my icons, (thats off the topic). the thing is, i want to know how to link that button to my lj -.- so when i click the button it gets me to my lj (this sounds more out of HTML than icons but i thought this is the only place i'll get some quick help).

Could anyone tell me how to do it? please?! - it will be much appreciated!

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