August 16th, 2004


okay i have a question i have photoshop 6, and im confused about using brushes does anyone have brushes for photoshop 6? and how do you download them and use them??? lol

Erode Effect

I was wondering if anyone knows how to make this effect: either PS7 or Photoshop Elements 2.0. I tried asking the maker, stimulant (all creds to her, by the way), but she's been rather vague. She says it's just a lot of cutting in Photoshop Elements, but I want exact instructions how to make that effect. Is there a special template for it?
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Disappeared fonts

My uncle burned Photoshop 7 onto a CD for me, and when I installed it at home everything worked fine. But when I installed it on my laptop I discovered that some of my fonts are gone. How can that be? I've used the same CD and I did exactly the same thing both times...

Any help would be appreciated. :)

ETA: Problem solved!
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jpg-gif optimization?

hi there! I'm new at making icons, and I'm playing in imageready right now. I've got a finished icon here that I'm rather proud of, but I can't seem to figure out how to save it properly. See, I have an image, which remains stationary, and text that changes, and I made the mistake(?) of using a jpg as the image. I can't tell how to turn this into a completed gif, and I can't seem to find the answer I need in the memories... can anybody help?

(no subject)

Alrighty. I've looked through the memories/tutorials/whatnot, and while some of the things are helpful to me, I was curious...

This is probably a really stupid question, as I don't see why anyone would do it, but are there any sites out there that show you how to reproduce the preset animation/tween styles from Animation Shop in ImageReady?

I just know that when I used AS, when you chose to animate two frames, there'd be a bunch of preset ways to animate them...and being a PS/IR newbie, I'd kind of like to see how people would reproduce those presets. So...yeah...any sites? Anything? XD;
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AS3 Compressors

This may not be the right community for this, but maybe someone has had this problem before with AVI videos. I'm trying to open an avi file in AS3 to do a mini-movie icon (Live Action Sailor Moon- EP 1) and it gives me an error saying the data can't be read or an unsuitable compressor can't be found. I don't know if it's the video or what, because I've never had any trouble with AVI's before. The AVI option is checked in the file associations so I was wondering if anyone had this problem and if they found a way to fix it.


Kiss me Softly

" alt="Kiss me" />

To Make an icon like this

How to make an icon.

First take a black and white picture of your liking.

Crop it to your deisree

Adjust> Sharpness> Sharpen.

Now dupilicate it

New raster Layer.

Fill layer with the color #C0C0C0 Set it to Screen it on 48

Now Add text. Only two words. Like I chose Kiss Me. In a dark shade. Black is recomended.

Now New Layer. Fill in with the color #E8DCDC set it to Color at 64

New Layer color is #A9BDFD set it to Darken at 72

Okay here comes the hard part. Outline with the free handed brush AROUND your person. So the background is outlined and your person isnt. Color the back ground with color #360A6C

Good. Now use #DA4476 and color in your person.

New layer!!
Fill it in with #C0C0C0 and use Satruation Legancy. Set at 44

Now add a one texted word. I used softly. feel free to add your user name

Guess what your done!


Okay I hope this was helpful Let me know what you come up with.

If not. feel free to give me pointers and how to make my icon better.
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