August 19th, 2004

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Okay so we've all heard the 'what font is this? [insert icon]'

But now I'm on a font downloading rampage and want to know what your favourite fonts (pixel or not, doesn't really matter) to use in icons happen to be? I suppose this is a way for us all to obtain new and rockin' fonts. Hurrah!
[little miss] sunshine

Photoshop CS tutorials?

I've been an avid PSP user for the past little while. My brother just got a copy of Photoshop CS though, and since I feel like my icons are getting a bit stale, I thought I'd try it out. I've never, ever used PS though so I was hoping to find some tutorials. I didn't see any for CS, while the tutorials for PS7 work? Or does anyone know where I can find some icon tutorials for CS?

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