August 20th, 2004


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this is my first post here, and i'm apprehensive about making it because i'm almost positive that i've looked right over what i need in the memories. but i must say, to be fair, that i've looked in the memories for a few weeks now, and still haven't found anything relevant to what i need. so here we go...

i went on a brush search yesterday, as i decided that i wanted to learn how to use them finally. i quickly picked up the use of them, whatever, but over half of the brushes i downloaded weren't compatible with my version of Photoshop (i have Photoshop Elements). now, i was told that i could download the image packs and create brushes from those, but is that even possible? and if so, how would i go about doing so? i hate to sound like such a noob (because i am when it comes to brushes and anything relating to them), but any help that can be offered here would be greatly appreciated. reminder: i'm using Photoshop Elements.
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can someone help me with my default icon? i just made it and the text just is really bothering me i want it to look much more crisp and colorful maybe....any sugesstions and/or how to change it around? (i want to keep it scriptina font but i just want it to look better)


is there a way to texture specific words and letters, either in psp8 or photoshop 7? like in psp8 they have the "texture" thats a bunch of letters, is there a way to do that with specific words?