August 21st, 2004


Brush Help

I'm looking for a film cell brush, icon-sized or larger. I thought I had downloaded one, but can't find it anywhere. I googled, but without success. Help would be greatly appreciated. :)
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dying PS

I'm using PS 7, I installed in drive D, instead of C. it is so often that when I'm trying to save a freshly made icon, PS died. Yes it just died, throwing hours of hardwork of making an icon. It is just bloody frustrating, when you have invested hours for ONE icon that you finally liked, and it just died without warning whatsoever. It also happened when I'm loading fonts or stuff i just downloaded. I suspected that it's overloading, but I hardly burdens it. I dont load many brushes at once, and I never open too many documents. I even quitted other software whenever I'm using PS. Does anyone have this problem too? What do you suggest to ease the loading process? Thanks guys..
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