August 22nd, 2004

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Installing Gradients


Okay, i need help... i downloaded a pack of gradients from crumblingwallscrumblingwalls's Livejournal. the thing is....
Now i need to know how to install them >.> and i dont.
I looked through the memories but failed badly at finding something to help me >_>
So, could any of you please point me in the right direction or tell me how to install them?

thanks in advance!
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Installing Gradients in PSP7

Ok. quizzler's post reminded me that I don't know how to install gradients, either. Her's was about Photoshop, but mine's about PSP. PSP7, that is.

I tried clicking the link for crumblingwalls's psp pack, and then I tried moving them into the paint shop pro gradients folder, but they never show up.

I also tried selecting them all, unzipping them, and then putting them in the folder, but that didn't work, either.

*so*, what am I doing wrong?

(thanks for reading)


EDIT: This is how you get gradients, explained to me by vivaldnik - Thank you!!!

This is what I did, and everything worked great.

They might work if you put them in that file, but did you change the file type? .PspGradient won't work in psp7. You must go through each file, right click and click on Properties. Then a box will popup, the name of the file will be written in a box. You must erase the PspGradient and replace it with jgd. So for example, one file might look like Custom 001.jgd

Then, open up psp7, change either the foreground or background colour to gradient, click on the gradient selected and when the box pops up, click on Edit Paths... in the bottom right corner. Navigate to the folder where you've saved your gradients, and then select Ok. :D They should work now!
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Bright eyes effect

i actually followed a tutorial on this once, and i usually save all the tutorials that I use, but I can't find this might even be on this site, but if it is, I cant find sorry if this is redundant

How can i give eyes in my icon a "bright/shining" effect? I remember that when I did it before, it was to a Satine icon...
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(no subject)

So I updated the list resources I personally have used on userpics I post at red_tavern with a maddening amount of links to brushes, screencaptures, and tutorials, so I thought I'd share. I'll be adding a page for fonts that I use soon. Please check to see, if you are a brushmaker, especially. I might have forgotten some of you, and I certainly don't want to leave anyone out!

Granted, it's not as massive as teh_indy's but maybe there will be something there you find helpful.

This way --> The Red Tavern Resource Guide.
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(no subject)

Hmmm. Every time I attempt to do the "tweening" between text and objects with a set background that won't tween with it, for some reason during the tween phase, the text jumps down about half an inch. I have no idea why this is happening - if anyone has dealt with it before, I'd really appreciate them letting me in this little secret.

Since, y'know, doing tweens manually like I've been doing takes forever. -_-;;
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Ok, this is not an icon but i see these all over and I figure if you can make great icons you would know these things too lol so if anyone knows how to make the things like
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Move tool

I'm having a problem with my move tool (V) in Photoshop.

I know how to make mini-movies, when I want to put my pictures for the mini-movie part together, the move tool used to 'lock' itself when I moved it, making the layer under and the layer i'm moving be at the same level. Instead of me having to be very careful and guess where they are even.

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Does anyone know what the problem is, or how I can get the 'lock' back? I hope someone understands what I'm talking about!
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Re: png formats

I'm having trouble saving my icons in png. They always go significantly darker in png format than in gif or jpeg. I'm using Photoshop 5.

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Why is that and How do I save them so they don't darken?
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Texture question

I'm getting better at making icons thanks to everyone who posts here, but I'm having trouble with textures. Namely, where do I get them, how do I install them, and then how do I use them in PS6? Any pointers and you'll be my friend for life.
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Does anyone know what effects these are? I compiled them into a big 'mural', so I wouldn't have to upload a bunch of icons. Plus they're from friends only journals. The top four are by pssh__icons, and the bottom three are by rockyouricons.

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It looks like layers of colors set on 'soft light' and such, but whatever I try looks bad.

Thanks for any and all help. :)