August 23rd, 2004

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Really dumb PSP7 selection question

Is there a way to make odd-shaped selections in PSP 7, other than using the (annoying) lasso tool? 'cause I often use templates in my icons, and it's a pain when you need to select an area that's shaped like anything other than the set shapes... like tilted rectangles, and such.
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Tutorial time!

Hi everyone! This is my first post here :D I adore your tutorials actually :D And now, here I am, explaining my little easy way :D

I wasn't writing my tutorials in english, but pinkdiamonds31 asked me to do.. :D I wasnt gonna do in english, I was doing them in turkish, but thats fine with me, since I get comments :D If you like, I can make in english too from now on :D

Comments would be very very nice! This is my first english tutorial :D


( Tutorial is here :D )


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black and white picture

(credit: kitty231)

I looked through the archives to answer my question, but couldn't quite find the right tutorial. I was wondering how you add that glowish gray tint to a black and white picture like the one above in the icon? I'm sure it's easy to do, but I have no idea how.

Thanks in advance.