August 24th, 2004



does anyone know where to get good checkered pattern brushes
especially like...mosaic type checkered brushes, not necessarily like straight and even checks...
if that makes sense?

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I need a favour, could someone resize the KB of this icon without making it look all nasty and GIF-ified?

Under 40K preferably, which is blatantly obvious haha. :p

Thank you so much if you can.

I made it, so no worries about credit. :)
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Blurry/Fuzzy Text problems in PS7.

I've noticed lately that my icons all have blurry text. I currently have the resolution set to 72 pixels/inch in Photoshop 7.

This is the icon I am making right now. The font is LaneyDaySH at 6pt. The anti-alias is set at sharp. But no matter what anti-alias I have it set at, it's still blurry.

It also happens when I use non-script fonts. They still appear kind of hazy. Such as in this icon:

Any kind of help would be greatly appreciated.