August 26th, 2004

lotr gollum night creature (by me)
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How to remove a watermark?

Hello. Disclaimers galore: first post, not sure if topical or legally allowed, have checked memories ...

My question: I am very new to icon making, but have volunteered to make one for a friend. She's requested specific pictures in the icon, but two of the pictures have watermarks on them Is there any way to remove a watermark? (other than painstakingly editing the photo pixel by pixel) I know this is more of an image editing question, but I don't know where to go with one of those. I did check the memories, and I didn't see anything related to editing the pictures themselves.

I understand if this is not the right place to ask this; I would very much appreciate any pointers on how I might find this information.

Thank you! :D
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two questions..

two quick questions * i always ask here, you guys rock! [ i use psp7 and animation shop 3 right now ]
what program can i download to get animation effects such as this one, i believe its called "breathing"?

and also, how do i get these shapes/objects in this case the stars to look "3'd" i know the "inner bevel" effect, but how would i go about doing that on a different shape, rather than text.

* i obviously didn't make either of these wonderful icons. not taking credit for them!*
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PSP Animation Shop Question

I looked in the memories but I didn't see a response to the problem I am having. I just made a mini movie icon in PSP Animation Shop and I tried to save it below 40k with my optimization wizard, but when I do this, it saves it in horrible colours. Is there another way to drop the kb size without effecting the icon?

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