August 28th, 2004

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This isn't quite icon-related, but I guess you could use the effect in an icon, so I hope it's OK that I ask this. How do you go about doing photo manips like that Theban Band site? I've seen so many nice ones and I would really like to try doing one myself if at all possible. Could somebody possibly point me to some tuts? I use PSP7 and PSP9, if that helps.
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i'm sorry i ask so many questions here, i'm just trying to keep up on the new trends. i made a post a few days ago with a certain effect i wanted to learn, but the one in this icon i'd really like to learn..they are similar but the other effect didnt' use a picture. if you can help. please do. i use psp7 and animationshop.


heres how to make this icon.

hopefully it helps someone. this is my first tutorial ever so it probably will have alot of problems with it. but constructive critasism is appricated.

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A little trouble...

Hey all.

Nice community here, by the way.

Anyway, I'm sort of a newbie in icons. I've made quite a few. I have PS8 and Image Ready. I tend to favor Image Ready for some odd reason. But I do go inbetween the two. As I said I am a newbie and I am still getting the ropes. However, there is one thing that has been annoying me to no end that I can not seem to get. I tried searching the topic and everything but can't seem to figure out how to do it, or maybe I am looking in the wrong place...

How the heck do you come up with a border (or rather stroke?) that will blend into your image or rather icon, around the edges? I just now downloaded some brushes so I can better do it but I tried to do a Gradient one (Border) and it won't do it. Instead I get the background (the blocks from the back, meaning there is nothing there, not even my own icon background) instead of a faded overlay border. I was trying to use stroke....

Do I have to use only brushes? And can you do Gradient overlays with brushes. I Am so sorry to bother any of you with my stupid question.

Remember, I tend to favor Image Ready...maybe I should use PS8 more. I just have the hardest time getting things to blend intogether. I hope this helps some what...I am so confused.

Here is an example of an icon I did (And I know it isn't that good) where I wish the border would blend/fade in:

Any other advice on icons or coloring, or about gradients or anything would be great. Sorry to bother anyone, just a little befuddled here, lol. ;):)

PS7 Gradients

I've looked through the memories, but couldnt find anything... so I was wondering if someone could point me in the direction of some good PS7 gradients, and also give me some info on how to install them =D Any help would be muchly appreciated!
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Me Again


Spotted a post that someone posted in one of my communities. Figured that I would go and look into it. Seems that there are a TON of people that are stealing icons and redistributing them without credit and some even saying that they are the ones that did them. So may want to go and check them out and see if anything of yours is stolen.


This is cross posted everywhere as well as in my own journal.
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