September 1st, 2004


Is anyone else having issues with Photobucket?

Nothing I have hosted there is showing up and when I try to access my albums I get a "Page Not Found" error. Not a "Page Can Not Be Displayed" actually NOT FOUND!

I can get to their main page but that's about it. If I try to log out I get the same error message. Weird. Very, very weird.

[edit] I just saw this in their forums. I guess I'm one of the albums that's down :(

Some albums down!


5:30 am mst - Update: Still doing a disk check, not sure why its taking so long but its in the 2nd to last phase. Hopefully not too much longer

Tonite one of the disk arrays had some issues. Some albums aree effected. We are currently doing a filesystem check and hope to have things running again as soon as possible. With this much data, it could take a little bit so please be patient.

Sorry about this.
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Does anyone have the image for the Deluxe Sparkly brush??
I added the post to my personal memories, but it has disappeared. They gave a tutorial about the sparkle brushes, and I needed the deluxe one

screencap question

I have something i want to screencap but when i press screen print in windows media player it messes up and looks all weird. I did look in the memories and tried the open the file in animation shop thing but my comp cant handle it. is there any other way that i can get caps of it??
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