September 2nd, 2004

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Uploading Gradient Swatches & Font, PSP8

I have recently downloaded quite a few gradient swatches and fonts but I need to know how to upload them onto PSP8. Heh, I'm completely new to this program so I need it as step-by-step as possible, please? I finally figured out how to import the brushes and I'm still figuring out how to use all of those. :)


P.S. Thank you all for your endless work! I have been reading through *alot* of your tutorials and you guys completely rock! Well done!

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I just started using Paint Shop Pro 8, and I've seen some icons that are grey and then there's some color on it. I know how to make it grey, but how do you add the little bit of color? I checked the memories, but I didn't know where to look under. Thanks for your help.

Common Misconception in Paint Shop Pro (any version)

Ok, ive seen this a lot, and I thought Id tell you all this seen as not too many people seem to notice this. When your trying to choose a color from a pic for text or a brush, you take the dropper tool, pick a color, then switch to the brush tool, text tool etc. right? WELL YOU DONT HAVE TO! ok, here is a common misconception. YOU DO NOT NEED TO USE THE DROPPER TOOL TO CHOOSE A COLOR FROM A PICTURE! take the tool you want and click on the foreground or background on the color pallette. when you click there, move the mouse over the pic where the color is you want. the dropper is automatically there, and you dont have to switch back and forth between the dropper and the text tool. its the same with all the other tools. Comment if you didn't know this. Id like to see if I was correct in thinking that most people didnt know this. and if I wasn't, I suppose im too arrogant so I could use some people telling me how stupid I am :D ;)
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