September 3rd, 2004

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HIYA! Long-time lurker here who's always injoyed the tutorials. I've learned so very much from the members of this community and use the resources all the time.

I know that this is off-topic, but I have 4 GMAIL INVITES to anyone who happens to want one. I know there are a lot of invites floating around right now, but I thought I'd offer here in case someone wants one. Thought I'd offer here as a very small way to say thanks for everything I've learned

If you'd like an invite, please reply to this post and leave the email you want me to send the invite to, as well as a first and last name. They don't need to be your real name or anything, but I need a first & last name to send the invite.

First come, first served!


EDIT - I just want to add that more people are offering invites in the post, so that if anyone else is looking for gmail, check the comments to see if anything's available. I think it's cool that we're offering invites in one post rather than posting over and over to this community. So, one post for gmail invites, right here
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This is probably in the memories, but right now I'm too lazy to search for it. I'm fairly new at icon-making, so this'll probably be easy for you to answer. My question is, how do you fix this icon so that it's under 40KB? Right now it's 45.1KB. I'm using PSP8 Trial Version. I'm very sorry if this has been asked over and over!! I'm really 'computerly-challenged', if y'know what I mean...

Thank you soo much in advance!

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I was just wondering if anyone knew where to get icon backgrounds? I have seen links to regular backgrounds but they arent what I am looking for...
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I searched through the memories and I didn't find anything related, if so, forgive me <3

My question is how do I get the transparent effect in the pinwheel? Like it will show the BG in a transparent-ish color and not a plain one like this?:

That's my first pinwheel icon BTW =D, any help is appreciated, thanks <333

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This may be covered in the Transparent section of the memories, but the pic links in the Tutorial are broken and it makes it hard for me to follow. I was wondering if the white around this icon could be taken out? Basically I want the icon to be nothing more than Master Shake himself, as opposed to a square.. making the space surrounding him transparent.

Thank you in advance.

Edit: Sorry, I'm using Photoshop 7.

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hey plp , i was just wondering any one of you here know what program can do the photo conversion for me.
for example i got a icon in a .bmp file i need to convert it to .jpg to be able to upload it into livejournal.
any of you know what image/photo programs can do that?

thanks in advance.