September 4th, 2004

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Fading Text Question

Hi :)

I've checked the memories and read the selections regarding fading text, but I didn't run across what I was looking for (sorry if I missed it).

This is my second attempt at animation using AS3. I wanted the text to fade in, but when I used the increasing opacity technique, the result seems a tad staggered, and not smooth.

See what I mean?

Any suggestions?
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i have a question... does anyone know how to make a RGB color image a grayscale image in jasc animation program? i have a longer animations and im NOT copying and pasting n crap into adobe then back into that lol... comment please.. thankee!

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Hey - I know this isn't really relevant to icons but I'm still curious. Does anyone know the code to customize 'the boxer' style of LJ? For example, to add CSS or HTML or add a header to the journal? Thanks in advance!

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Oh people I need some help. Lately I have been making a lot of icons for my friend and all of a sudden Ive lost all of my creativity. Anyone have any ideas how I can make this Icon with some creativity?

So here we lie, in this beautiful mess <--- have that first..
then picture
but we create our happy endings.
then other pictue

She wants it all black and white except the pictures.

Any ideas of ways to make it perty? Thanks

Poll Question

Hi! Well, I was looking at this community for a while and finally decided to join. I haven't written the tutorial yet, but I was wondering if anyone might wanna know how to make an icon that is like this:

If so, I'll make the icon tutorial as soon as possible. This is like a poll on whether or not I should write it. Hope to have fun writing tutorials!
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Icons look blurry, especially text

I'm using PSP8 to make icons, but I'm having trouble with them looking blurry. When I resize the original image a lot of the quality is lost, and I have a lot of trouble making the text look clear. I've seen quite a few icons that have clear, fine text, but mine always looks blurry. I'm wondering if I'm missing something obvious, or if there's some setting I could change that would help. Maybe I should be using different fonts or something?