September 5th, 2004

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Using Masks

I have had difficulty finding material about using masks and I did find this tutorial by eomir but once I try to use the brush with the mask it turns red and it's not appearing as it should. IE. It's just brushing red overtop the image I am trying to blend. If anyone knows of a better tutorial or knows what I'm doing wrong, I would be very grateful.
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Soft Light etc..

This is kinda a dumb question but people are always talking about changing their pictures to "Soft Light" etc. How do you do this?

(I Use PS7)
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HELP WITH PAINT! *very desperate*

aight i read the FAQ and maybe i missed something/mis-read something,but i am going to ask either way:

i have the program "PAINT" (it sucks) and if i take a large picture and i want to make it icon size,it doesnt work for me. it'll get blurry and you cant make out the image at all. i dont know what i am doing wrong. if anybody has advice,tell me please.

ALSO......what are good programs to make icons off of? i've heard stuff about paint pro shop,but when i go to download it,it takes a jillion hours pratically. anyways,if anyone knows of a program that A.) doesnt take forver to download and B.) will do the job of icon making,then let me know puuuuhlease. i just want to make my OWN icon for once. ok,ciao!
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.gif files in PS

I'm having trouble working with .gif files in PS. I've never experienced this before, but when I open the file, it says 'Index' in the Layers Palette where it usually says 'Background' for normal files. When I try to resize the image, it gets all blurry, and if you try to add text, it turns the image all pinkish. It's very odd.

Does anybody know what's wrong?

Screencap behind cut.

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Download font sites.

I've just joined this community and so far, all the tutorials that you guys have posted have been great. But I have a question, and I've searched in memories and I can't find an answear. Or maybe I skipped it, I dunno.

Anyways, does anyone know where I can download the fonts

Take Five or PixelSix10? Pixel fonts yeah, but I really need some new ones other than Silkscreen.

Thanks in advance. :)

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Hi there i'm new here!
I've downloaded the try-out version of Photoshop (version 6.0 cos v7.0 doesn't work on windows 98)
This may seem like a silly question, but on the try-out version, am i able to save my work? It's not letting me currently.
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GIF File Size Issue In AS 3

Hi ~

I've seen this issue addressed in regards to IR, but I couldn't find a 'fix' in the memories as it relates to Animation Shop - sorry if I've missed it.

Behind the cut are two versions (of the many) I've attempted with this - so I thought - easy animation. Two simple bases, saved as optimized jpgs, linked with a fade transition. I reduced the number of frames within the transition, but the file sizes - even optimized - are still majorly large.

Any hints on how to make this file smaller in AS3 without it looking horrible?

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