September 6th, 2004

newbie at this all.....ay yi yi......

ok,i downloaded jasc paint shop pro 9. i'll probably do gimp at a later time,but i know there are diff levels of paint shop and well....if anyone knows how to use it,email me at,so i can write back asking just how to use the diff.features and whatnot. k,thx ;)
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inches/pixel problem

Hi. Using Photoshop 7 here. Question is not exactly related to iconing, but close enough. Delete my post if necessary, thank you.

After multiple ctrl-f's in the memories section, and still not finding the answer to my problem, I decided to post.

When I open a file that is "2in/2in" into a file that is "18.5in/11in" the 2 inches is actually 1 inch. Confused, I opened other "2in/2in" picture files. All the two inches are different! Not to my knowledge is there multiple standards for inches, are there? When I go to Image > Image Size, it appears that the pixel dimension are different for every one of them, but the document size is 2 inches by 2 inches. When I print the picture, the size is entirely different.

Is there a way to crop a picture to 2 inches by 2 inches that will turn out to be 2 inches by 2 inches in real life?

I think my problem might be related to the 72 pixel thing that was mentioned in the FAQ, but when I tried turning off "resample image", it didn't fix the problem. Anyone know, please and thank you?
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Question About Sizing Grainy Photos

I scanned some photos from W magazine. The photos are very grainy at 100% in both PS and PSP. At 25% they are beautiful and if I change the size to 100x100 pixel, it becomes very tiny. If I change the size to 100x100 pixel when it is at 100%, it's still very grainy. How can I get the photos to icon size without the grain? Any thoughts?

Thanks in advance!
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Grainy animation

I have PSP8 and AS3, how can I keep my icon from coming out all grainy. I've tried everything I've found here and nothing is working. Please, I'm begging here, help. Thanks in advance.
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A few PSP7 questions

Hey, I had a few questions (that I know are going to make me sound completely icon-illiterate, but here goes anyway.) I use PSP7, so...yeah.

I was wondering if anyone knew what brush(es)/tutorials could get this effect:

And what color techniques get this effect:

And then if you know of any tutorials that are similar to this:

If anyone could help me out, that would be INCREDIBLY helpful.

Thanks in advance!!
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(no subject)

Hey, im really new to all this icon making, and im trying really hard to learn all this stuff! I have two questions, and im hoping you guys could explain to me how!

1) okay i have paint shop pro 8, and i was wondering how you put a base on an icon.
2) how do you put a background on an icon.

if someone could explain, i would REALLY apreciate it!
thank you guys!
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Help in animating an icon

I have paint shop pro 8 and Im new at the whole icon making thing. But how can you make an animating icon? Like putting 6 different images into 1 image so it switches back and forth between all the icons? I checked the memories section, but I couldn't find what I was looking for. Any help would be much appriciated!

Polygonal Lasso Tool

I'm using PS7 and everytime I use the polygonal lasso tool it goes all weird. It gets to a point and the automatically cuts across the picture to the starting point, selecting something different than what I was planning. Any ideas on what might be wrong?