September 7th, 2004

Should I?

I was thinking of making a tutorial for this icon:

Buuut. Not really anyone uses the same program as me. (CorelPhotoPaint 5.0) So if anyone uses it and would like me to make the tutorial please comment. it wont work in any other programs because it is a fill that came with the program.

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A few days ago someone asked a question about this

icon, but I was wondering how do you get the bars above and below the text. I've searched the memories and nothing have I found. Thanks for any and all help. ETA: I'm using PS Elements.
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I was trying to get this effect..but it dosen't work for me :/

I want to get these old looking it a brush? or what color should I use?

here are the same probs as the first one.

I use PS 7 can anybody help me to get these effects??Thanks :D
kuzco D:

Using stock images

Sorry that this question is so short and to the point, but does anyone happen to know of any tutorials or tips in general in using stock images? Any sort of stock images from old, torn paper type textures, or lighted objects, would be fairly useful. So far, I've found very few full icon tutorials that make use of stock pictuers, and because those are so specific it's not hard to make an icon that looks too similar to the example when following it. So I guess some general tips would be good.
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Ai Otsuka [free]

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I uses PS7 and I want to try this effect of only making the background of an icon animated. I tried using PS7 and Jasc animation shop together but realise that it cant copy over transparent bits. So I had to save it as a gif and the effect didnt turn as good. So I wonder if there's a tutorial for Imageready about making the same effect since I'm an idiot at Imageready. If there isnt, hopefully someone could explain to me how to do it? Thank you ^^
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I feel real dumb asking this, but how do you get your font on an icon to flip around without moving the entire image? I tried deselecting all the layers and rotating the canvas 90 degrees, but it still just ended up moving the entire image when I reselected the layers back. (btw I have PS7)