September 9th, 2004


how do you load/save brushes??? someone elses brushes. i dont know how to upload them. i mean i know there is a button in ps that says "load brushes" but dont you have to save them? when i try to it doesnt
i have photoshop 6 if that helps
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Photoshop Question

I have a really quick question to ask. I just re-installed my Photoshop because my computer was messing up and now it's being weird. When I try to load more brushes to use it won't let me. I push the little arrow thing to bring up the menu, but it just stays pressed and won't load the menu. I have no idea why it's doing this. I'm totally annoyed. I tried installing it again, but nope still won't work. I actually feel like making stuff and this happens.

If anyone can help me it would totally be appreciated. Hopefully I haven't messed up my PS. I'm still mesing with it but nothings working. All the other menu's come up fine.

Please help!


{Edit:Problem fixed. Thanks to those who helped.}
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