September 11th, 2004


another question

I dont think I saw this in the memories, but how would I get this effect:
? (ropemaidenkirie's icon)

Im talking about the little transparent squares on the sides. I tried before and it just came out B-A-D. So anyone have any ideas?

I use PSP8, PS8, AS3, and ImageReady so either one will work fine
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(no subject)

i was wondering if anyone had a tutorial for Photoshop 2.0

i looked through some memories but i have no time to go through all of them because my comp is sometimes really slow.

please help. i want to learn how to do cool icons.
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Will & Katee; Pas De Deux

(no subject)

I've been trying to download fonts from (not install, download), but everytime I try and download one, this message comes up: "The Compressed (zipped) Folder is invalid or corrupted." Does anyone know what's wrong, and how I can fix it? Thank you so much in advance.