September 12th, 2004

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hey plp, im new to Paint pro shop.
i was wondering, if i downloaded a font from a website, how can i used that font in psp. isit possible to use the font i downloaded from the website on PSP? if so what should i do to make it work?

thanks in advance
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Crosshatch Brush?

I was wondering if anyone knew perhaps the effect or brush that this Shaman King Fanlisting used on their background? I have tried to make the effect by using Crosshatch on Adobe Photoshop Elements, and no luck -_-'.

Here is the link, withoutTURNINGback. The effect I'm talking about is the lined box like things around Anna and the text at the bottom that says "trust you". THANKS GUYS! :D
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Ok this is kind of a stupid question that I am sure someone else has asked somewhere along the lines. But I was wondering how you get the effect that looks like tape holding down a photograph. Is it a brush or what? Sorry if this annoys people and such but It is driving me insane. lol.
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Another PS7 Tutorial

Just wanted to say I adore this community and thought it was high time I contributed. This icon has been made exclusively from techniques I've learned from our great icon makers here and probably contains snippets from four or five different tutorials. I made it in Photoshop 7 but no doubt it's translatable.

Let's make this icon

ETA: This tutorial is a variation of and borrows heavily from this work of art tutorial by grass_stained. Hope you don't mind the re-hash, mate!

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Brushes question

Hi, I know this question has been posted before, but I can't seem find it in the memories for the life of me. When I select a brush it only works if I drag it, it doesn't just single stamp. Really frustrating. Thanks in advance for any help. I use PSP8.
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screencapping help, DivX, psp7 + 8

I need some serious help. I'm trying to take a screencapture from DivX to psp7, but something weird happens. Like, it takes the screenshot, but I dunno, hard to explain, but it like doesn't keep a still cap, like, wherever the window to divX is placed, I can only see the shot from there, like I can move the pictures window on PSP around and the image thats suppose to be there is staying in one spot because thats the same place DivX is placed also if the window is placed to a spit where DivX isn't there (like lets say DivX is placed on the left upper corner of the screen and the window to the picture is placed on the bottom corner of the screen) it just shows black. Uhh, I hope you understand that, cause it is really hard to explain. But, any idea whats going on? I mean, if I save it when I place the window over the image it still does the same thing once I open it no matter what file I put it under. Also does the same for printscreen. The same thing also seems to be happening on winamp on WMP, but I can't open this movie file on either of those, DivX only seems to work. BTW, I don't have any cool-sounding program like WinDVD or something, just WMP, DivX, winamp, windows movie maker, and psp.

So, please help?
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Well, I looked at the tutorials and I found the one on how to make my image transparent...but it didnt work =( (I have PSP8) I went to image, palette and stuff...and clicked the third choice and did the eye dropper thing. ='( please help!!!!
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Color help.

Does anyone know how to get the color effect in this icon?

by _jems_

It looks like a gradiant of black and a green/yellow of some sort set to 'color', but my colors don't come out like that.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

EDIT: Oh, and does anyone know where I can find the brush/texture thats checker-esque, like in these three icons by dtissagirl?

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Lyrics icon tutorials?

I was just curious if anyone knew of any good tutorials for making lyric icons (or if anyone was interested in making any). I always seem to have trouble making those type of icons look good so any tips or advice would be much appreciated. Thanks!