September 13th, 2004

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Texture and grids not showing up in picture when its uploaded, PSP 8

I have PSP8 and whenever I create my pictures on there I add texture and sometimes grid patterns and all that kinda stuff just to give it a bit of flavor...but when I upload it onto photobucket, the texture and grid and lines arent showing up!

For example:

On my computer the image above shows up having a grid-vertical-line effect and i saved it as such and that's the way it looks when I open it in the folder I keep it in. But when I upload it I cant see the vertical lines.

what's the what?

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Hey guys. I just browsed the memories, and didn't see anything.

Well -

I'm using Windows Media Player and PSP 8.

When I play a DVD...I'm not sure exactly how to take a screen cap. But I figured out the "import" thing. Anyways, It only shows the bottom half of the image, and I can't make it show the entire thing. How do you do that?

And how do you take captures of one scene without missing any?

Efficient Way to Erase Old Background

Someone wants me to take the following picture and put it over the background, made by Dojie's Icons. I always have difficulty using the lasso tool and eraser in PSP to get rid of the old background, so it's transparent and I can paste just the girl overtop of the background.

Do you know a way to do so that works? When I do the lasso/eraser method [basically point-to-point, then erasing random pixels that were left behind], I get a really pixel-y, unnatural border. Just wondering. Thanks!


Looking for help

Hello everyone.. I am really hoping someone here can help me. I learned how much I really enjot making icons while I had the trial version on PSP8. But then my trial ran out and I can't afford to buy it. So I got a less expensive version of a Photo editing program called Microsoft Picture It! Photo Premium. I was wondring if anyone here happened to have expirence working with this program. I am having an absolutely horrible time cropping and resizing and getting them to be 100x100. I've been struggling with this for days. I know there must be a way to do it but I just can't seem to figure it out. I have gone all through the instructions and videos and they tell you how to do a basic crop but once I do that..and try to resize it to 100x100 looks terrible.
I'm stumped and would appreciate any help you cna give me. Thanks!
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(icon by spitefairy)

Hi everybody! I was wondering how I would get the text to look so clear and to make it stand out so much, like in the above icon. I use either PS7 or PSP8 so either one works. Thanks much for any help!
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