September 14th, 2004

carrie paris

Trouble with coloring effect/"grungy" font using PSP7

Since the memory archive is down, I'm not sure if this tutorial has been done yet so apologies in advance if it has, but this question is kind of specific so I doubt it's been asked before.

Can anyone help me with how you do this effect on the icon pictured below? Btw, I have PSP7.

(made by suziebr)

I'm not sure how to do the coloring, and how to make the text appear like that (kind of grungy looking and not so clear). I think that font is garamond, but I'm not sure.. so if someone could help me with that as well that'd be great. I've gotten this far:

but it's not quite what I want. :\ Any type of help would be really appreciated.

EDIT: Someone helped me with the coloring, however I'm still clueless as to how you get the font to look grungy like that. Can anyone help me with that? Also, if someone could tell me what font/font size the font suziebr used on that icon I used for an example, that would be really helpful as well.

Psp8 question.

ok, I think i screwed up my settings somewhere long time ago. I have this enormous picture that I want to resize. Well, when i resize it, it looks really bad! It's pixeled and not as clear... when I resized things, this never happened before.

Please someone tell me if i might have screwed up my settings without knowing, I'm not sure what todo :-/

(no subject)

Can someone please tell me how to do this effect..

with the pink fading into the whiteish color. If you could be specific with the colors, that would be awesome cause yeah, I'm a tad slow ;x.
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Hey there! 1 quick question... I've been through every possible link here to the memories, and they aren't working for me. :( I either get a page with no memories on it, or justa list that says:

- : 83 entries
- : 2 entries
etc etc...

So I figured something's wrong. I wanted to know if by any chance there was a tutorial on how to make a colourbar, or if someone could help me out, or maybe point me in the right direction... thanks so very much! ^__^
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