September 17th, 2004

neil gaiman would unhappen so much

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Anyone got a copy of Trajan they'd be willing to lend me? I used to have it, but then my computer crashed... sigh.

In addition to that, I wrote a tutorial a few weeks ago for making your icons sharp, clear and clean.

The example icon was this:

That is here.
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Does anyone happen to know where I could find a certain mini movie had a picture of Sauron on it and the mini movie was of his finger with the ring.
I have looked extensively through the memories and could still not find it.
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Font Folder Error

I'm having trouble with my font folder.

I've downloaded a bunch of fonts, but every time I try to put them in my font folder- actually, every time I even try to open my font folder- my computer says that "Windows Explorer Has Encountered An Error and Needs to Close", and then it does.

Does anyone have ANY idea how to fix this?
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Jitter animation and grid lines in PS7

I have PS7 and IR and I was wondering if you can do jitter animation in IR? I looked in the memories and only saw a tutorial on how to do in Animation Shop.

Also, how do you do grid lines? I saw this. But it wasn't of much help as I can't find the brushes.
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