September 19th, 2004

3D Text

Credit to Shinhwa Sarang Forums.

I've looked through the memories, but I can't seem to find what I'm looking for. I've been wondering if anyone here knows how to make the text like that? It has a burn/3D type, and if possible, is there a way to add a white interior into the border instead of making it transparent? I would like both versions, if anyone can help. I use Paint Shop Pro 6, by the way.

Many thanks in advance! :)
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Background Patterns [Question]

I just have a small, quick question!

I made a friend of mine a layout, using THIS as a background. I got the pattern from a site, but I can't remember which.
I think I saw someone post it here, but I've been through most entries, and can't find it.
Can someone kindly help?

Thank you <3
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Oh Please someone help :)
I want to use 100x100 icon brushes/borders but all of the ones I've seen are for PS7 only, I have PS6, and apparently I can use them via some "image pack" ordeal, but I have no idea how to do this and if it can work. I'm totally new at icon making, but I'd really like to learn. Thanks to anyone who can help ^^.
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Tutorial for PSP 8 users

I'm probably the last person that should write a tutorial given I've just started to get the hang of proper icon making a little while ago (compared to what I used to do) but I liked the way this icon came out so well I thought I'd share. Big thanks to nikita_80 for looking this over for me to make sure I wasn't making an ass of myself.

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Hope this helps someone! Enjoy!
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