September 21st, 2004

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Changing hair Colour from black to white.

I'm trying to get change the colour of hair in PS7 from black to white for a friend's icons. Previously I would use Layer via copy then change to colour overlay. I tried that but the white doesn't come out.

Is there a way around it?



I tried changing some of it and came up with these

I made it with Colour blend set at Color and the layer set at Screen. It's not exactly smooth and I had to layer it about 6 times before I got the colour I want. Anyone got any idea?
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Seeking accurate Chinese characters

I've seen many questions of this nature around here lately so I figured, what the hell, I'll pitch in. ;)

Is there a font around that I can use for Chinese characters? Accurate ones, I mean? I'm not fluent, but I took a year of Mandarin so I can certainly tell if I'm stringing together nonsense or sense.

In particular I'm looking for "ai" ("love"), as I'm working with Hero caps and want to be sappy. ;) But I'd like to know in general, because this isn't the first time I've wanted to put Chinese text on icons, and I doubt it will be the last. Thanks!
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Program for fonts

Alrighty, quick question... I've seen talk of this, the problem is I forget what it's called... is there a program that allows me to see what a certain font looks like? Whenever I'm using Adobe Photoshop 6, I only have a list of the font names and it takes me ages to figure out what each one looks like and before I'm done finding the proper font and writing the text for my icon, I'm pretty sick of it! lol

Thanks! ♥
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DVD playbacks?

I'd like to make bases from a DVD that I just purchased, but unfortunately I only have a regular CD-rom installed on my computer. Is there a way for me to play DVD's, like downloading the correct codec, or do I need to purchase a separate DVD-rom?

Icon compatability

could someone point me to the right catagory for learning about compatability? I've made an icon from a dvd cap that I drew on from my dvd drive installed in the puter then copied into a new doc and did my layers and text and saved as a jpg. But when I upload it the image won't show just a blank white box with the red x in it.
Any ideas?
thanks in advance for any information.
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(no subject)

Can someone explain something to me... when I copy an image and paste it onto another image, sometimes when I try to move it, it jumps around. So if I want it in a specific spot, sometimes it'll jump to the left or right, but won't let me place it in that once spot... what's up with that?? :(

Thank for any help!

PS If this has anything to do with it, no, I do not have Caps Lock on.
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