September 24th, 2004


*Edited* Nevermind, I already figured this out!

I think i might have an idea of how to make this icon, But i could be wrong.


If anyone knows (Especially how to do the faded bottom)
I'd appreciate any help, Thanx.

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I didn't see it in the memories, so I decided to ask here. (I have 2 questions)

1. I use psp8, how do I make things transparent?
2. Once the picture is transparent, how do I get it on top of another picture so that it blends? Is there a certain tool or something.

Thanks for all of your help in advance!

This icon (the last frame) is an example of something I want.

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Mrr...I've searched through the archives (only partially, 'cause it's really tedious when you're looking for something and can't find it, XD) and back in the actual past posts a bunch of pages although I swore I saw it recently...

Anyway, does anyone know of or have any of those animated pinwheel-style background tutorials offhand? I had an idea that involved that today, and I've never done it so...yeah. I need to be tutorialized! Direction much appreciated. :D
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