September 25th, 2004


Stupid text...problems...

Grrr. I think I'm getting pretty good at making icons, except when it comes to text. I just suck. Somehow, the text just never seems to look right. I dunno if that makes sense. Here's an example...I'd appreciate any tips you can give me, because I don't think the archives are helping that much. =\

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Transparent troubles (haha)

Ok, is there a way to blend one picture into another, but without having both look transparent, only one?? Example- I took an icon, and wanted to add transparent text. So I made a new file, made the text in it with a transparent background, pasted it over my icon, and tried the blending options. The text only fades into the picture if the picture fades back as well. Then I tried 'underlying layer' but that only makes the text either appear, or not. Urrg,,, oh, and I'm really new at this, and I don't know very much about layers or anything like that :(. So speak nice and slow, hehe. Oh, and I only use PS6... thanks for any help!
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(no subject)

This tutorial is for PS7, but it should be easy to translate over to PSP or lower versions of PS. You need to know how to make new layers, change the layer styles to soft light, hard light, etc., and know how to use brushes and do flood fills.

Finished icon:

( Yes, another fake LJ-cut )
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(no subject)

Folks, hit me on the head if this has been asked and answered before, but: how do you thicken a border around an icon? Faramir here is supposed to have a light blue border: I can see it fine in photoshop: I can't see it here (or perhaps can, if look very very close and *squint*
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Two quick questions

Hello! I just have two quick questions for y'all. I'm trying to make an icon and a BG set at the moment, and I have ideas, but not the tools I need...or if I do have them, I don't know how to use them. I have both Adobe and PSP, though I really don't know how ot use PSP (though if you know a good tutorial site...^.~)
Anyway, one of the things I want to do is make a series of snapshot images. I'm not really sure if it's that it's a template, or a brush, or if people are just drawing white lines and manipulating the image to make it look that way, but I was wondering how to get the polaroid photo effect around my image...well, rather, the polaroid look and then I'm sure I just manip my pic. But yes, I want to make a series of photographs on my BG that I'm making.

The other question isn't quite as relavant now, because I've gone ahead and made the image (it's the one I'm using atm, actually), but I had wanted to create a burned effect around the edges of my image. By burned (since there are so many burns in icon language, lol!), I don't mean a blend, but I, basically the effect I'm going for is, if I were to take a match or a lighter to the edge of my icon and burn it up with fire. That kind of a burn. I may go back and redo the image with it and see how I like it, or I may just make a new image with it because I just grabbed a bunch of screencaps and feel like experimenting. But I really want to know how to do this effect. I don't know if it's a brush, if it's a combination of effects, or something in and of itself, or what.

If you can help me with either of these effects, I would really, really appreciate it. Thanks SO much!!!
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PSP8 Brushes Problem

Hey, I have a problem with my PSP8 brushes.

I used to use the PSP8 trial and I made a couple of brushes on there and saved them. My brushes file folders are the Brushes folder in the PSP8 folder in Program Files and the Brushes Folder in My PSP8 Files in My Documents. The brushes worked fine. But for some reason after I deleted the PSP8 Trial and installed the real version they will not work anywhere. I checked in my preferences in PSP and the folders are the same and the brushes are still there but they will not show up on the Brush tool option on PSP.

What should I do?

Thanks in advance!
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(no subject)

I was wondering if anyone would like to learn how to make this icon:

This is another poll (by me), and if I get enough people to vote 'yes,' then I shall get it done by tomorrow.

Thanks in advance (for what...I'm not sure...)

Two icons.

I'm using PS7, and the creators are using PSP. I'm having trouble translating back and forth between PSP and PS7, so I'd appreciate the help. :) I've taken guesses, but I'm still guessing away.

First, creds to tesia:

How do you make the blur effect? It's probably some sort of filter on a duplicated layer with the opacity toggled around, but I can't seem to find the right one.

And second, creds to filipinoz_rule:

The yellowish color? Is it a layer set on top of the base image, colored in yellow, then the blending and opacity played around?

If this has been asked, I'm pretty sure I already skimmed through the memories for Photoshop and clicked on everything that sounds like the same thing, but I haven't seen it. Any help much appreciated.

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Regions on a DVD Drive

I like to use PowerDVD to make frame by frame caps for my movie icons, but I need to use my region 2 dvds and my dvd drive has locked itself onto region one.

Does anyone know a way to reset the drive, or some other way around the limit?

(no subject)

Anyone knows how to achieve the colors? I've tried, Exclusion on yellow/red and other various color, I can't seem to get it. I'm referring to the Yellowish tint. And how the icon looks "flat"? Do you desaturate it? I've tried the Memories, nothing on it.


Any reply is much appreciated!

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PowerDVD Tip

hi :D

most of you probably already know about this already.. but thought I would share in case anyone didnt.. I searched the memories first, but didnt see it there.. so hope its ok to post it...

I was capping with powerdvd tonight and discovered something quite by accident... actually, it was my seven year old son who discovered it.. he was by pressing "C" on the keyboard to cap some stuff.. (to use to make him a desktop wallpaper) and he accidently held the key down for too long... and we discovered it had capped every frame for about 3 seconds! *every* frame. which was 20+ pictures.

I usually use virtualdub to grab frames for making mini-movies, because I thought that was the easiest way to get the frames quickly. Instead of using powerdvd by pressing "C" then "T" to move one frame forward then pressing "C" again, I would just load it up in virutaldub, select the part I wanted, and save it as frames...

But thanks to the kiddos little trick, I ended up with enough caps to make a mini movie if I wanted in the program I use for capping. Which makes me very happy! :D

So yeah.. holding down the "C" key in powerdvd will cap every frame for as long as it is held down.

hope this tip is of use to someone :D

ETA: it seems this only works when capping from an actual DVD.. and not when capping .avi files : (