September 26th, 2004

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Cropping screen caps

I'm new to ps7 but not to graphic editing... I've just used other programs. But alas, I'm going to make some mini-movies with ps7 and my question is this:

What is the best way to crop the caps I take from PowerDVD? In example, say, I want to use the middle portions of the caps instead of the whole cap itself for my mini movie icon. (I hope I make sense.) Now, in my old editor, I would've had to set the selection tool to a set square shape (say 100x100 pixels) and find the coordinates of the area i wanted cut... then for each frame, match up the selection with the coordinates and crop them that way to save individually.

In short, if there's an easier way to do this, I'd love to know. Thank ya, thank ya.
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I'm making my first textures for icons and I've looked around awhile for anything on making a JBR file with icon textures, borders, etc. and haven't found anything. How does one make a JBR file (psp 8), please? :)

Thanks mucho in advance!
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I would like to know how to make the glitter/shimmer effect on text.  I couldn't find an example, so hopefully someone knows what I'm talking about.

I searched through the memories, but I couldn't find a tutorial or memory that clearly explained it to me.

SGA John

Fuzzy picture quality

This is a really basic question and I've scrolled the memories but I couldn't find anything. Sometimes when I resize an picture to 100 x 100 pixels, I lose substantial picture quality, causing the icon to seem grainy, like in the example below. The "polaroid" of Depp is alright, but the main picture isn't great.

I'm wondering how I can fix this. Do I have to increase the resolution when I resize? Or does it just seem this way because the icon is too "busy"?

I merged all the layers (there were 5) before I resized and I'm using PSP9 but I've used PSP8 and 7.

Thanks for the help.

brush identification.

Can anyone identify the creator of these brushes for PSP? I'd like to see if there's an image pack somewhere--I'd make one for myself but I haven't got a clue about PSP.

If anyone can help, I'd appreciate it. Thanks! (And if the creator reads this, your brushes are lovely and I'd like to credit you if I use them.)

(Edit: Photobucket is being a skank, so if you want to see the image, right click "show picture.")

PSP 8 Tutorial

Ok, I've never done one of these before, so don't mind if I'm not the best at it :P

I use PSP 8. And I use a plug-in quite often, Aetherize from the Designer Sextet from, so it may be good to download it (it's very useful).

This tutorial is for this icon:

Collapse )

Ok, so I hope that was a little helpful. Let me know what you think, any questions, etc., etc. :)
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