October 1st, 2004

layers palette problem...

i have a problem on my paint shop pro...the layers wont show up as it should normally..there is no option of how my layers should be like exclusion, soft light, hard light or any of those options.. i have looked at the options to why is it like this, lookied in my paint shop pro book..nothing in there so do anyone know why is it like this? please tell me..i  need to make an icon before tonight for this challenge lol!


thanks in advance...



Font help

I was wondering if any of you wonderful people in this community could tell me what the font is for 'smiles' and 'mine' in this icon an where i could get it from!

Thanking you in advance!


Does anyone here use PS2.0? I was wondering if anyone could tell me how exactly you make an icon on PS2.0? I would really like to make one.Thanks.

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